In February of 2018, Dean, founder and CEO of Kinda Fit Kinda Fat, walked into Class One Donuts, and met Monica, the owner of the local mom-n-pop shop and huge supporter of the KFKF brand. Dean would come with his laptop and work in Monica's donut shop pretty often and consistently witnessed her genuine ability to make her customers feel seen and heard -- no matter how short the interaction. He found that she built her own community of people who would continuously come to support the small business. They always left the shop just a little bit happier than when they entered -- whether they left with a donut, or a dozen, a smile was always part of the package.

Soon after, Kinda Fit Kinda Fat enthusiastically supported the community-oriented shop by catering with Class One Donuts for events such as lifting gatherings, KFKF’s Christmas party, and the first annual Food Fashion Frenzy Show at Barbell Brigade Gym where Monica provided donuts for guests AND hundreds of glazed donut holes for a hilarious Chubby Bunny Challenge. KFKF also featured Monica's donut shop in photoshoots and videos.


As Dean and Monica's friendship evolved, Monica became more inspired of Dean's dream to not only provide a safe space for a community that felt like they never fit in, but to actually celebrate their existence too. They both desired for a better world, one where people can feel accepted and be proud of their growth at every stage of their journey. They bonded over similar painful experiences of not being accepted and decided to use their adversity to fuel this growing movement. Their love of food and fitness transformed into a more meaningful mission, and after Monica sold the donut shop, it was only fitting that she would spearhead what would soon evolve to be Kinda Fit Kinda Fat Bakery.

kfkfbakery donuts

What delicious desserts does KFKF Bakery provide?

After an entire year of R&D, the Kinda Fit Kinda Fat Bakery, now known as KFKF Bakery, hosted exclusive tastings where members of the KFKF community were able to get a sneak peak of the menu. They tried a variety of both "Kinda Fit" protein donuts and "Kinda Fat" decadent donuts. The bakery also showcased some creatively cultural flavors like Mango Sticky Rice and Lemon Yuzu that were a huge hit! Currently, KFKF Bakery is eagerly prepping for the next round of pop-ups. We weren’t kidding when we said we’re “Making Gainz Both Ways!"
mango sticky rice donut

What makes KFKF Bakery so scrumptiously special?

KFKF Bakery is an extension of Kinda Fit Kinda Fat's message and mission, a vessel to disrupt the food industry the same way KFKF changed the fitness realm into a more size inclusive and body diverse one. The bakery serves to provide a safe space for everyone to unapologetically enjoy mouthwatering baked goods while allowing them to feel seen, heard, and celebrated for who they are. So forget the overwhelming guilt of having a “cheat meal”. KFKF Bakery believes that it’s important to treat yourself throughout the journey and STILL reach your goals -- because you shouldn't have to sacrifice enjoying life while becoming the best version of yourself.

With love and sprinkles, we'll catch you on the next bite!

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